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 Thank you for visiting our website! The wildflowers are blooming; the days arebeautifully blue and the nights areclear and filled with stars. Please use the tabs above to view a mapof the Park and to book your site. Also, please take the time to review our COVID Policy, Park Rules, Water Notice,and Pet Policy.  Our goal is to provide all our visitors with an enjoyable experience. May the Forest Be With You!  

Camp Nelson Water



Due to damages sustained during the 2020 SQF Complex fire, the California State Water Resources Control Board has issued a “Boil Only” notice for water on the Camp Nelson Water Company system which is the water provider for Nelson Falls RV Park.  


A Boil Water Notice means that the water supply has a microbiological contaminant that can be rendered safe by boiling the water. All of their recent tests for volatile organic compounds have been  “negative”. The last notice posted by the Camp Nelson Water Company does allow for bathing, but for a limited time.


For now, we are encouraging our guests to  bring their own drinking and cooking water. However, if you need water and don’t want to boil it, water can be taken from the Grier fill faucet (across the street) as you enter the church driveway. The State Water Resources Control Board has verified this water as safe for consumption. 



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1801 Nelson Drive

Springville, CA 93265


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1801 Nelson Drive

Camp Nelson, CA


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